Live Music Session #121 – Rodney Branigan + Jim Blair

Americana Folk Roots with virtuoso presentation, with a touch of clean comedy thrown in for good measure. Rodney’s style is trademarked as ‘Full Contact Folk Music’ Rodney is a Texas-born troubadour who learned to play in Austin, perform in Los Angeles, craft songs in Nashville, and put it all together in London and has played […]


Live Music Session #119 – Wyldest + Harry Leigh (Stay Lunar)

The musical evolution of Zoe Mead, who writes and records under the Wyldest moniker, has been a steady one – a mix of deliberate exploration, a natural shifting in taste, and a certain virus twisting her arm. After recording drums for 20 songs touted for her second album – Monthly Friend (out now via Hand […]

Live Music Session #33 – Kid Calico & The Astral Ponies

THE THURSDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB – Original olde time music hall, 60’s psychedelia, and new-world country rock, riding in with a grin (and possibly tank-tops) from the borders of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

Live Music Session #32 – Atari Pilot + Nick Felix

THE THURSDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB – Dance Grooves and belting rock anthems alchemized into acoustic tunes

Live Music Session #31 – Larkham & Hall + Sunset Service

THE THURSDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB – Larkham & Hall finally make it with their folk-noir, alt-country and americana vibes, just in time to christien the Thursday Night Music Club.

Live Music Session #30 – Richard Wileman + Jarid Clark-Bound

Acoustic music inspired by weird soundtrcks, easy listening and library music, art pop and prog rock