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Live Music Session #15 – The Shudders + Scott Freeman

Thursday 26th October brings us Live Music Session #15 which features one of the longest standing local bands. The Shudders are a mainstay of the local scene who have played all over the UK, their sound combining indie, country and rock influences. This will be a full band but stripped back show that we are sure will still be played with all their usual energy. Normally with a Shudders show you get 3 part vocal harmonies, screaming guitar, warm acoustic and a commanding rhythm section as they weave their rich tapestry of noise,  a tapestry which could be described as combining strands of  Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Bright Eyes and Wilco for those weaving enthusiasts out there. But, as this is an acoustic show, I think the emphasis is going to more on the vocal harmonies and warm acoustic guitar to portray the bands heart felt melodies.

The Shudders have shared stages with the likes of Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff, Chris Helme of The Seahorses, The Young Republic and Ox and have headlined events like The Radio 1 Big Weekend Fringe Festival and the Swindon Shuffle along with playing in venues across the country such as The Borderline and The Troubadour in London and  The Fleece in Bristol.

Support comes in the fine shape of Scott Freeman, who plays an anthemic indie rock of thrashing acoustic guitar, tasty vocal hooks and wonderfully weird word- smithery.  He has made a name for himself in the Hampshire music scene with powerhouse performances as a solo act and with his infamous backing band, the ‘Tokyo Sex Whales’.

As per usual, music from about 8.30 with free entrance and the tip hat doing the rounds. See you there!

Live Music

Live Music Session #14 – Oli Norman + Luke De-Sciscio

Oli Norman Oct 17 Tupp WEB

On Thursday 12th October our live music session features the return of Oli Norman, who last featured on our stage at the 2017 Shuffle in an excellent but technically cursed set (who seriously breaks 2 strings on their first number? We blame the fact he had shaved his beard off…). Oli plays a wonderful collection of atmospheric, sparse songs with emotion, feeling and intelligence. We just hope he has grown his beard back…

‘Wonderfully confident as well as humorously self-depreciating. The perfect combination’ – The Swindonian

‘Heart that pours from every word’ – The Ocelot

In support we welcome the overdue return to Swindon gigging for Luke De-Sciscio, someone Ed has been putting on for as long as he has been putting on live music.

Luke is a songwriter with a supremely gymnastic vocal style, one for who silence and space in a song are of equal importance to the notes and who likes to follow a process of total immersion in song-writing that allows him to search his soul and find the voice of each piece. The result is always spine-tingling and highly emotive.

This promises to be a very magical show indeed. Free entry as always, but artist tips are hugely appreciated.

Live Music

Live Music Session #13 – Chris Webb

Session 13 promises not to be unlucky, because we are hosting the talents of the wonderful Chris Webb. Bristol based Chris is a solo fingerstyle modern folk singer who plays high-tempo, upbeat original songs.
Fiercely independent he has been releasing albums and gigging under his own name without management since 2011.Chris somehow racks up near a hundred gigs most years and tirelessly releases EPs and albums for his fans – his 5th full length album is about to be released but you can check out his brand new single here or see a video session of it below.
“His upbeat, intricate guitar playing and beautiful lyrics left the crowd mesmerized, creating a rich tapestry of idioms and ideas with powerful, catchy choruses that are reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac.”

Live Music

Live Music Session #10 – Ali Finneran + Sarah Ryan

We are very pleased to be hosting the talents of local singer / songwriter Ali Finneran on Thursday 8th June (yes, election night. Damn government stealing our thunder).

Ali has a deep passion for music and its meaning and his songs contain many influences from the likes of old Blues records to the Folk revival scene of the 60’s. He is a lyrical songwriter who started out by writing poetry and putting music to the words as a young teenager – these words are forms of his thoughts and feelings on all topics from love to politics, war and nature. Though a guitarist by trade, he has played gigs with his banjo in local pubs and many of his songs feature a Harmonica, much like his main comparison and one of his many influences, Bob Dylan.

In support we have the wonderful Sarah Ryan, best known as the singer from local indie outfit Newquay Times. Blessed with a vocal tone and control that belies her age, Sarah has a love of artists as diverse as Carole King, Tame Impala and Jimi Hendrix that ensures her soul infused hybrid-electric music is just that little bit different.

As per usual music will be from about 8.30. Entry is free but we do encourage you to support the musicians with  artist donations. Keep up to date and check out the artists on the event page here.

Live Music

Live Music Session #7 – Jamie R Hawkins

The first of our live music sessions for April  will be on Thursday 13th and feature the marvellous melodies of Jamie R Hawkins. Jamie is a popular  and familiar face around the towns music venues and until recently was part of the SoP Live set up, and we are really glad the guys have seen fit to let us host a show for him.

Jamie is an award-winning  singer / songwriter whose style evokes such classic songwriters as Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook, Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Justin Currie of Del Amitri. The classic guitar lines and effortless melody that spring from his songs make them instantaneous and accessible and a heady combination of from the heart self analysis and universal truths, stark realities and street level wisdom make the lyrics as appealing as the melody driving it. Put the two together and you have something quite magical.

But don’t just take our word for it, come along and hear for yourself. Music will start around 8pm and entry is free but as always we encourage you to pop some cash in the hat too!

Full details to be found on our event page here.

Jamie’s website is here.

SoP Live are here.

Live Music

Live Music Session #6 – Joe McCorriston + Nick Parker

The middle event in a busy week is our latest live music session from SoP Live, this time featuring the the rather marvellous Mr Joe McCorriston and equally as marvellous Mr Nick Parker, two artists used to playing bigger stages than ours!

Joe McCorriston is an independent Lancaster-born Singer-Songwriter, who has earnt a reputation for his tireless work rate and upbeat energetic live show, whilst most of the time only armed with an acoustic guitar. His upbeat and fun acoustic folk-punk has earnt him a raft of support slots including with Frank Turner (by personal reqauest of Frank himself) and with our own Gaz Brookfield.

Another tour buddy of Mr Brookfield is Somersets Nick Parker, a lyrical an often humourous songwriter. Touring to promote the release of his new album, the punnish and fantastic Besta Venya, Nick has made a name for himself with a bag of songs which are in turn charming, funny, poinant and heartfelt, much like the man himself.

As always entrance is free but we encourage you to support the artists by popping some money in the hat. It should all kick off at 8pm.