Live Music Session #15 – The Shudders + Scott Freeman

Thursday 26th October brings us Live Music Session #15 which features one of the longest standing local bands. The Shudders are a mainstay of the local scene who have played all over the UK, their sound combining indie, country and rock influences.

Live Music Session #14 – Oli Norman + Luke De-Sciscio

Session 14 features the return of Oli Norman, who last featured on our stage at the 2017 Shuffle in an excellent but technically cursed set (who seriously breaks 2 strings on their first number? We blame the fact he had shaved his beard off...)

Live Music Session #7 – Jamie R Hawkins

The first of our live music sessions for April will be on Thursday 13th and feature the marvellous melodies of Jamie R Hawkins. Jamie is a popular and familiar face around the towns music venues and until recently was part of the SoP Live set up, and we are really glad the guys have seen fit to let us host a show for him.

Live Music Session #6 – Joe McCorriston + Nick Parker

The middle event in a busy week is our latest live music session from SoP Live, this time featuring the the rather marvellous Mr Joe McCorriston and equally as marvellous Mr Nick Parker, two artists used to playing bigger stages than ours! Joe McCorriston is an independent Lancaster-born Singer-Songwriter, who has earnt a reputation for …