Delicious New Piggy Food Menu

Feeling hungry?? Fancy something dirty?? Can’t get much dirtier than our brand new menu!! Launching today, the whole things had a re-vamp! We’re playing to our strengths and celebrating the very thing our partners Helen Browning’s Chop House is famous for; Their ultra high welfare organic piggy things!!

So we’ll make no apology whatsoever for the new menu being a bit porky! 🐷 they say you can’t put a silk hat on a pig, but you can slow cook it, pull it apart, dress it up with an oozy BBQ sauce, and dump it all over a big old bowl of fries! And throw a load of other tasty stuff all over it!! 😃😃😃 BBQ Pulled Pork Dirty Fries (and a load of other tasty new things) Available from The Tuppenny now.

Events Food

A Special XTC Burger is on the cards

So, in late October, two of the core members of Swindons greatest ever band, XTC, unite on stage for the first time since 1982, and play a run of gigs at the Swindon Art Centre over the road.

As we seem to have been adopted as “The Meeting Place” by all the travelling XTC fans we thought, as well as opening on a Monday for them, we would offer a special new burger.

So, please welcome to the menu for a limited time….. the DEAR GOD burger….

Essentially two burgers in one, the Dear God is an absolute monster of a burger. A massive patty made with nothing more than Helen Browning’s 100% organic ground beef, with just a pinch of seasoning topped with a mound of oozy, juicy barbecue pulled pork, all in a seeded bun. Served with homemade slaw. Choose if you want it with cheese or bacon or both!. £12. (Add £1 for Each topping)

This will be available only when the TC & I shows are on – so get in early!