Live Music Session #65 – Ellie Gowers + Canute’s Plastic Army

THE SUNDAY SOCIAL - When you get recommended to check out an artist 3 times in as many weeks by 3 well respected pairs of ears you really should pay attention. We did, which is why we are excited to introduce to you the amazing music of Ellie Gowers for the December edition of the Sunday Social.

Live Music Session #62 – SGO

THE SUNDAY SOCIAL - After a smash hit performance at The Shuffle, we are super pleased to be able to bring local folk collective SGO back to The Tuppenny.

Live Music Session #54 – Fly Yeti Fly

THE SUNDAY SOCIAL - The First Sunday Social of the season features the fantastic Fly Yeti Fly. This duo blend sensitive vocal harmonies with intricate guitar arrangements, mandolin and harmonica, weaving songs and stories from their travels together, with a sound that is reminiscent of the late-’60s folk scene