Live Music Session #134 – Si & Matt Hall + Hip Route


Following the postponement of the advertised event (Bob Heath & Luiza Staniec Moir) due to a dose of The ‘Vid, we present hastily arranged super-sub show of local musical talent.

Si & Matt Hall are brothers. Not just brothers in music but genetically so as well. They have been playing music together for most of their lives, mainly because no-one else will. Their stock in trade is punk rock influenced melodic acoustica with an edge. Which sounds naffer than it actually is.

Hip Route frontman Jim easily holds the record for the most number of appearances on our stage, but he is cheap so we have him again. This time he has in tow bass-man Jon for a funked up Hip Route experience. A glorious clash of slide guitar blues, folk, americana and rock with mercilessly funky hooks. Sublime and a guaranteed good night…

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