Live Music

Live Music Session #20 – Lewis Clark + Nick Felix

Lewis Clark Feb 18 Tupp WEB.jpgLive Music returns for the first time in 2018 tonight, Thursday 15th February in the fine form of Lewis Clark and local musician Nick Felix.

Lewis Clark is normally found fronting the a three-piece band called The Essentials but whether in full band mode or as a solo act his music is nothing short of beguiling. It may be made up of recognisable swathes of folk and blues but it is the injection of Balkan folk rhythms, gypsy jazz vibes, lyrical depth and a truly charismatic live performance that really makes him stand out.

Nick Felix is a well known figure in Swindon music circles and it is with great pleasure that we welcome him back to The Tuppenny to perform an acoustic set of beautifully crafted songs. With a voice that seems to bubble up from the very core of his soul and chord progressions that act as the perfect vehicle for his soaring melodies, Nick’s songs will draw you in and hold you there until he’s ready to release you.

Entry is free but artist tips are welcome. Music commences around 8.30pm. 18+ for full details consult the Facebook event page.

There are plenty more fantastic sessions coming up too, so keep an eye open here for news!

Live Music

Live Music Session #10 – Ali Finneran + Sarah Ryan

We are very pleased to be hosting the talents of local singer / songwriter Ali Finneran on Thursday 8th June (yes, election night. Damn government stealing our thunder).

Ali has a deep passion for music and its meaning and his songs contain many influences from the likes of old Blues records to the Folk revival scene of the 60’s. He is a lyrical songwriter who started out by writing poetry and putting music to the words as a young teenager – these words are forms of his thoughts and feelings on all topics from love to politics, war and nature. Though a guitarist by trade, he has played gigs with his banjo in local pubs and many of his songs feature a Harmonica, much like his main comparison and one of his many influences, Bob Dylan.

In support we have the wonderful Sarah Ryan, best known as the singer from local indie outfit Newquay Times. Blessed with a vocal tone and control that belies her age, Sarah has a love of artists as diverse as Carole King, Tame Impala and Jimi Hendrix that ensures her soul infused hybrid-electric music is just that little bit different.

As per usual music will be from about 8.30. Entry is free but we do encourage you to support the musicians with  artist donations. Keep up to date and check out the artists on the event page here.