Oh No, it’s the Christmas Quiz

Shuffle Xmas Quiz Poster 2017One year ago, against our better judgement, we let the Swindon Shuffle team take over the place to put on a music quiz to raise money for their chosen charities. Our gut instincts were right sadly, it was a shambolic mess and the ‘humour’ was a tad specialised. However, you lot loved it for some reason, so it went monthly as we do like to give you want you want, even if is bad for you.

So roughly a year on, on 17th December, we present another Christmas special edition of the quiz. The lads have promised us lots of treats but sadly much more of the same tomfoolery and idiotic questions. If the guest round is not Christmas related we will eat our Christmassy elf hats..

The details haven’t changed either: Teams up to six people, entry minimum £2 per person to go to Swindon Mind. The guys will be letting us know how much they have raised this year too. registration is at 5.30pm so don’t panic, it won’t go on late, although it will be followed by the usual live request jukebox. Oh, and prizes – there will be boozy prizes.

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It’s a Super Sunday!

Sunday 26th November is going to be a bit of a belter it appears. Not only will our birthday celebrations roll on unabated with some live entertainment it is also the craziness of the Old Town Christmas Lights Switch on  where we will also be operating an outside bar in Wood Street!

Yes, we have tempted the legendary Swindon DJ and his outrageous collection of classic vinyl back to the Tuppenny after an excellent set a few weeks ago. His extraordinary collection of Soul, Funk, R’n’B and Hip Hop vinyl will soundtrack your Sunday afternoon just the right way and warm you up for the infamous Music Quiz. Yes, the boys are back with more off-piste banter, attempts at humour and some challenging and not so challenging music questions.

And don’t forget to come grab a beer from us on wood street too!



It’s Our Birthday!

We are one!

Who would have thought it that this little idea that germinated away in Jamie’s brain for so long, would actually work. But, work it has and we have reached that first milestone of 12 months open and have loved every minute of it (apart from the time the plumbing went wrong, or when the water got cut off during a very very busy bank holiday). It has been mental!

So, to celebrate we are having a bit of a weekend of it! We will be having live music from Tamsin Quin, Shaun Buswell (co-creator of the Bateswell Tart) and Jim Blair (who is almost as regular here as we are) on our actual birthday (Thursday 23rd). We follow this up with a bit of a “Super-Sunday” on 26th with the triple whammy of the Old Town Christmas Lights Switch-On, an early DJ set from Harki and the November installment of the frankly lunatic Music Quiz. See the other blogs and our social media for more details on these events, and for anything else we have planned!

So, in a year what have we achieved? Plenty, as it turns out! We have hosted a variety of events from the Swindon Literature Festival and the Old Town Sausage and Ale Trail to a beer school with the guys from West Berkshire Brewery / Renegade as well as a Tap Social Movement Tap Takeover . We will have hosted 17 live music sessions which featured 33 acts plus three sessions of the Swindon Shuffle music festival  that brought in another 14 performances. The Shuffle team have hosted 11 quizzes that have raised hundreds of pounds for charity and we had a Tryanuary promotion at the start of the year.

We also hit the road and went to Craft Beer Rising, The Beavertown Extravaganza and Bristol Craft Beer Festival. All in the name of research of course! Oh and we have had has lots and lots of different beers (over 70 at the last count).

So, thank you for supporting us this year, we couldn’t do it without you. Enjoy the celebrations and we will see you for much much more of this over the next 12 months!


Team Tuppenny


Christmas Music Quiz Champs Crowned

quiz-champsSo, last week the chaps from The Swindon Shuffle resurrected the classic old  Songs of Praise Christmas Music Quiz. We had a blast as did the teams and the guys. So much so in fact, that their quizzes may become a more regular thing so watch this space!

Winners were the boffins of Heavens Knows We’re Quizzerable Now (Pictured with beardies Ed and Paj from The Shuffle) who walked away with a mini-keg of Good Old Boy Best Bitter courtesy of our friends at West Berkshire Brewery and a bottle of Hayman’s Gin with a slab of Fever Tree tonic that we supplied. All competing teams took away a pack of craft beers courtesy of the legends at Renegade Brewery, who also provided some extras for the best team name – “The Swindon Swingers Club Christmas Party”. Huge thanks to our hosts and sponsors as well as all of the teams who competed. We managed to raise a healthy £80 for Swindon Homeless Shelter.



Lets get Quizzy!

xmas-quizOn Sunday 18th December we risk our reputation and hand over the place to the chaps from Swindon Shuffle and their resurrection of the back-in-the-day classic Songs of Praise annual Christmas Music Quiz. Luckily questions are not set by Rich Craven any more so are eminently answerable.

The format will be pretty much the same as the summer quiz they hosted to open up the festival – teams of no more than 6 people, and it is a minimum of £2 per person to enter – all entry money will be donated to the Swindon Homeless Shelter. Prizes will include beer from the guys at Renegade Brewery and West Berkshire Brewery.

That’s it really, so come along, drink, be merry, try to answer some music questions, and don’t forget to laugh at the idiots on the microphones!

(And for anyone who is concerned, it’s a music quiz at Christmas, not a quiz all about Christmas music – although there may be one or two rounds!)