It’s a Brewery Takeover!

18620285_1312828165497992_9150494428483784941_nWe are very excited to be handing over the bar to the cool dudes from newly established Oxford brewer with a conscience Tap Social Movement. On Thursday 15th June they are coming in to tell us all about their beers and what they do. We will be running 3 of their beers on tap for the week as well as having some of their other brilliant brews in bottle.

They are an interesting and exciting business borne out of a passion for good beer and social justice. With founders with a background a range of positions across the criminal justice system, they are a craft brewery which provides training courses for people serving prison sentences, offering courses in brewing and business start-up, and providing one-on-one support in securing permanent employment to assist in effective rehabilitation. The beers are knockout too!

Entry is free, come down and try some incredible beers and learn how brewing can improve the community at large.

More information is on the event page here.


We join the Swindon Festival of Literature

One of the events that most destroys the notion that Swindon is a cultural desert is the Swindon Festival of Literature, an event that for two weeks brings together novelists, poets, scientists, philosophers, politicians, historians, artists, storytellers, singers, adventurers, good writers, and plain speakers to talk, to listen, to think, to drink, and also to laugh. As a result, enjoyable, interesting, challenging, unpredictable, funny, and even memorable things happen. As it fitted in perfectly with our own philosophies we thought we would like to join in and host a few shows.

So we did…

Wednesday 3rd May – The Swindonian Night.

Our opening gambit is a night of music and poetry: a relaxed soirée that blends socializing with culture in a chilled and sumptuous atmosphere curated and presented by local news and views website The Swindonian, who are regularly regulars at the bar.

Music will come from folk-pop pixie Tamsin Quin; poems courtesy of Poetry Swindon, with selected readings from the best local poets; and the night rounds off with songs, stories, and comedy from Shaun Buswell.

Event Page

Wednesday May 10th – Mark Sherratt– on a career in pictures that tell stories.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Do pictures of big known things tell more important stories than pictures of the unknown and often unseen? What do we get from pictures that we cannot get any other way?

Photographer and videographer Mark Sherratt moved to Swindon in 1977 to pursue a career in skateboarding but when he discovered that he was not actually that good at it, he found he had more talent with a camera than a board on wheels. Mark will talk about how Swindon inspired him and launched him on his career as international photographer.

Event Page

Thursday May 11th – A Hip-Hop Panel – on the four elements that shaped a new urban youth culture.

Not in the Bronx but in Swindon: four individuals, who embraced the culture of hip-hop, chose one of the elements as a creative form to pursue, and made it their career.

Colin Astin, Graffiti writer, artist, and cultural historian; Ross Burden AKA DJ Para, DJ; and producer, Richard ‘Banksy’ Banks, break-dancer, and Gee Ealy MC, will be talking about the hip-hop elements, what they are, why they are entirely pivotal to the culture of hip-hop, why they chose their respective paths, and why they kept their careers in their home town.

The evening will be rounded off with a jazz-accompanied rap battle!

Chaired by our very own Jamie Stapelton no less!

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Events Live Music

Record Store Day List Launch

We are very pleased to host tonight’s Record Store Day 2017 list announcement on behalf of our good neighbours RPM Records, featuring your first opportunity to find out what will be released on the big day. The guys from RPM will be providing you with your own copy of the release list so you can plan your purchases in advance as well as a raffle with some fantastic prizes, all related to music.

If that’s not enough, the team at SoP Live will be bringing you live music from the extremely talented Phil Cooper, a contemporary singer/songwriter who has earned excellent reviews from the national press, with his thought provoking songwriting and energetic, often unpredictable live performances drawing comparisons to Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook and Ben Folds. Support comes from Oli Norman who deals in more ephemeral soundscapes and acoustic atmospherics.

Details of raffle prizes are below and are available from RPM Records and The Tuppenny. Raffle tickets are £1 each or a strip of 5 for £3. Good luck!

Top prize – Pro-Ject Turntable

Second place prize – a vinyl carry case

Third place prize – a pair of headphones

Runner-up prizes include David Bowie – Sound & Vision 7” picture disc, a voucher for 10 records cleaned and a selection of music-related books!


Events Live Music

Live Music Session #4 – Jim Blair + Barney Kenny

jim-blair-tupp-feb-2017-webOnce again we are very pleased to be hosting some amazing live music courtesy of the team at SoP Live. So, head on down for about 7.00pm on Sunday 19th February to check out some serious guitar skills. As always, entry is free although we do ask for artist donations in the tip jug.
Both Jim and Barney step out from the safety of their respective bands (Hip Route and The Dustbowl Chidren) to kick back a bit and chill with their own, effortless blends of superior slide guitar playing, funking up some major Blues and Folk music.

‘Sicker than Seasick Steve’ – Independant



The Tuppenny Beer School

We think it is time we all went back to school. But don’t worry, we are not suggesting we all head back to whichever depressing seat of learning we somehow survived, no, how does a Beer School sound?

That’s right, come and learn about the wonderful world of beer and brewing from one of the country’s leading Beer Sommelier’s (yes, that is a thing), Ruth Mitchell. Explore the myriad styles and flavours of the worlds greatest beverage in a guided tour around the beeriodic table.

This will be the first in a series of Beer Schools throughout the year as we seek to broaden our flavour horizons and learn all about what makes a great beer and the huge amount of styles out there.

Our inaugural lesson takes place on Thursday 9th February and will cover the basics of brewing and how each ingredient can affect the finished brew.

Advance tickets available online at or from The Tuppenny at £5 per person, to include samples.



#tryanuary -YOUR BEER NEEDS YOU!

We are joining the #tryanuary movement!

Join us and make it your mission to try new beers at The Tuppenny and share your discoveries with people throughout January.

Even though the UK is still enjoying a boom in all things beer, hard-working independent beer-based businesses still need your vital support! By celebrating, sharing and enjoying what’s out there, you can help. We all know that supporting local businesses benefits everyone in the long run.

Then share your discoveries and find other people’s via the #tryanuary hashtag!

This isn’t about drinking more – It’s about trying something different.
Tasting something new, Experiencing something interesting.

So, how are we planning to do all this? Well, we have come up with a great rewards scheme for you all. If you try all of the beers we have on the bar and in the fridges, not only will we reward your efforts with a beer on the house and a nice glass, you will be in with a chance to win a brewery tour for 2 to West Berkshire Brewery, just down the road.

Come in and see us, grab a collectors sheet to get the beers signed off on and challenge your taste buds!



Opening Time!



What’s going on?

What’s going on at The Tuppeny? Well we are not quite sure yet, at the time of writing we are still a few days away from opening so we are not sure what is going to be right for the place. However, we do have a few ideas. There will be some incredible live acoustic music coming up soon, including a very special pre-Christmas performer. There will be plenty of drinks related events to so expect some special beers and cocktails and some informative but fun sessions with “experts”.

There are plenty more ideas flying around, so keep an eye open here and we will post all the details as best as we can.


Team Tuppenny