Live Music Session #132 – Phil Maguire + Steve Page

It is a deserved headline set for Phil, who left jaws scattered across the floor of the Tuppenny with the depth and richness of his voice when he first played here as support to Blind Justice Page back in February. In an obvious twist, BJP frontman Steve Page plays wingman this time out, with a solo set in support.

Phil Maguire: “I have always been intrigued by storytelling and drinking songs. With these in mind, I have worked to create my own voice and stories out of the history of these folk tunes. I’m regularly showcasing new songs across London and the UK . I hope to bring along a mixture of intimate folk dreams and soaring ballads. My new record ‘The Church Bell’ is out now.”

Steve Page aka Blind Justice Page performing solo. Rootsy songs inspired by country-blues and old-time songs from the the Southern States. There will be slide guitar, there may be banjo.

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