Oh No, it’s the Christmas Quiz

Shuffle Xmas Quiz Poster 2017One year ago, against our better judgement, we let the Swindon Shuffle team take over the place to put on a music quiz to raise money for their chosen charities. Our gut instincts were right sadly, it was a shambolic mess and the ‘humour’ was a tad specialised. However, you lot loved it for some reason, so it went monthly as we do like to give you want you want, even if is bad for you.

So roughly a year on, on 17th December, we present another Christmas special edition of the quiz. The lads have promised us lots of treats but sadly much more of the same tomfoolery and idiotic questions. If the guest round is not Christmas related we will eat our Christmassy elf hats..

The details haven’t changed either: Teams up to six people, entry minimum £2 per person to go to Swindon Mind. The guys will be letting us know how much they have raised this year too. registration is at 5.30pm so don’t panic, it won’t go on late, although it will be followed by the usual live request jukebox. Oh, and prizes – there will be boozy prizes.


Christmas Music Quiz Champs Crowned

quiz-champsSo, last week the chaps from The Swindon Shuffle resurrected the classic old  Songs of Praise Christmas Music Quiz. We had a blast as did the teams and the guys. So much so in fact, that their quizzes may become a more regular thing so watch this space!

Winners were the boffins of Heavens Knows We’re Quizzerable Now (Pictured with beardies Ed and Paj from The Shuffle) who walked away with a mini-keg of Good Old Boy Best Bitter courtesy of our friends at West Berkshire Brewery and a bottle of Hayman’s Gin with a slab of Fever Tree tonic that we supplied. All competing teams took away a pack of craft beers courtesy of the legends at Renegade Brewery, who also provided some extras for the best team name – “The Swindon Swingers Club Christmas Party”. Huge thanks to our hosts and sponsors as well as all of the teams who competed. We managed to raise a healthy £80 for Swindon Homeless Shelter.


Live Music

Live Music Session #2 – Pete Gow

pete-gow-dec-16-tupp-webOnce again the boys at Songs of Praise have arranged a serious musical treat for you on Thursday 22nd December in the shape of Pete Gow. Best known as the front man and songwriter for Case Hardin, Pete brings his solo set to The Tuppenny. Folk, country and blues all blend together to form a late night Americana tinged with melancholy and emotion. Pete is one of the greatest current songwriters any of us have had the pleasure of seeing live.

‘Matches Springsteen for raw emotion’ Maverick

In support is home grown musical talent and adventurer Shaun Buswell. Normally found in the eye of an orchestral storm both musically and logistically, here is a chance to catch him solo and stripped back to his bare essentials…acoustically speaking.

Entry is free, but the tip jug will be doing the rounds, so please be generous as it all goes to the artists.

If you want to know about more that the Songs of Praise guys have going on their website is here. The Renegade teams site can be found here, check out some of the blog entries for really silly beer stories!

Live Music

Live Music Session #1 – Rob Richings

Rob Richings Dec 16 TuppWe hook up with musical maestros Songs of Praise and the good folks at Renegade Brewery to bring you our first session of live music. So, on Sunday 11th December at 4pm we will be hosting an afternoon in the company of the brilliant Rob Richings.

Rob is a Swindon native (although he spent many years living in Ireland) who has just released his debut album Parkas and Boots, which has been attracting some great reviews (R2 Magazine described it as “a fine album with a good mix of sensitivity and pathos (without drifting into melancholia) and above all positivity.“)

Following a battle a few years ago with cancer, what comes out of Rob’s songs is, understandably, incredibly poignant. After all, nothing quite focuses the mind on the past like the possibility of not having a future.

As Rob notes: “The album is very nostalgic. It’s not something that others would notice, but in my head I know it’s there. I managed to piece together 10 songs that all split along childhood days and the sense of openness and community that came with rural living.”

Renegade beers will also be on offer for the duration of the event! Entry is free but the tip hat will be doing the rounds so please be generous – all funds go to the performers.

IF you want to know about more that the Songs of Praise guys have going on their website is here. The Renegade teams site can be found here, check out some of the blog entries for really silly beer stories!