Live Music Session #1 – Rob Richings

Rob Richings Dec 16 TuppWe hook up with musical maestros Songs of Praise and the good folks at Renegade Brewery to bring you our first session of live music. So, on Sunday 11th December at 4pm we will be hosting an afternoon in the company of the brilliant Rob Richings.

Rob is a Swindon native (although he spent many years living in Ireland) who has just released his debut album Parkas and Boots, which has been attracting some great reviews (R2 Magazine described it as “a fine album with a good mix of sensitivity and pathos (without drifting into melancholia) and above all positivity.“)

Following a battle a few years ago with cancer, what comes out of Rob’s songs is, understandably, incredibly poignant. After all, nothing quite focuses the mind on the past like the possibility of not having a future.

As Rob notes: “The album is very nostalgic. It’s not something that others would notice, but in my head I know it’s there. I managed to piece together 10 songs that all split along childhood days and the sense of openness and community that came with rural living.”

Renegade beers will also be on offer for the duration of the event! Entry is free but the tip hat will be doing the rounds so please be generous – all funds go to the performers.

IF you want to know about more that the Songs of Praise guys have going on their website is here. The Renegade teams site can be found here, check out some of the blog entries for really silly beer stories!

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