Oh No, it’s the Christmas Quiz

Shuffle Xmas Quiz Poster 2017One year ago, against our better judgement, we let the Swindon Shuffle team take over the place to put on a music quiz to raise money for their chosen charities. Our gut instincts were right sadly, it was a shambolic mess and the ‘humour’ was a tad specialised. However, you lot loved it for some reason, so it went monthly as we do like to give you want you want, even if is bad for you.

So roughly a year on, on 17th December, we present another Christmas special edition of the quiz. The lads have promised us lots of treats but sadly much more of the same tomfoolery and idiotic questions. If the guest round is not Christmas related we will eat our Christmassy elf hats..

The details haven’t changed either: Teams up to six people, entry minimum £2 per person to go to Swindon Mind. The guys will be letting us know how much they have raised this year too. registration is at 5.30pm so don’t panic, it won’t go on late, although it will be followed by the usual live request jukebox. Oh, and prizes – there will be boozy prizes.

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