Live Music Session #9 – Grant Sharkey

We are very pleased to be able to host a gig from Grant Sharkey, a double bass wielding, musical satirist dealing in insightful social commentary, leftfield musical creations, challenging political messages and often just plain silly songs. Grant is known for writing songs with powerful political and social themes and great humour, and interspersing his […]


We join the Swindon Festival of Literature

One of the events that most destroys the notion that Swindon is a cultural desert is the Swindon Festival of Literature, an event that for two weeks brings together novelists, poets, scientists, philosophers, politicians, historians, artists, storytellers, singers, adventurers, good writers, and plain speakers to talk, to listen, to think, to drink, and also to laugh.

Live Music Session #8 – Luckless + Holly Redford Jones

OK, I’ll be honest with you, we forgot to write up a piece about this gig beforehand. But, to appease our OCD we need to make sure we post it before the next show as we have started that whole numbering thing and need to keep it going. So on a fab night in May (the 27th […]

Live Music Session #7 – Jamie R Hawkins

The first of our live music sessions for April will be on Thursday 13th and feature the marvellous melodies of Jamie R Hawkins. Jamie is a popular and familiar face around the towns music venues and until recently was part of the SoP Live set up, and we are really glad the guys have seen fit to let us host a show for him.

Live Music Session #6 – Joe McCorriston + Nick Parker

The middle event in a busy week is our latest live music session from SoP Live, this time featuring the the rather marvellous Mr Joe McCorriston and equally as marvellous Mr Nick Parker, two artists used to playing bigger stages than ours! Joe McCorriston is an independent Lancaster-born Singer-Songwriter, who has earnt a reputation for […]


Record Store Day List Launch

We are very pleased to host tonight’s Record Store Day 2017 list announcement on behalf of our good neighbours RPM Records, featuring your first opportunity to find out what will be released on the big day. The guys from RPM will be providing you with your own copy of the release list so you can plan your […]

Live Music Session #5 – Catgod + Moleville

Our first live music of March is a very special and different show courtesy of SoP Live, featuring Catgod and Moleville

Live Music Session #3 – Lewis Clark

We have some more live music for you coming up on Thursday 19th January. Normally found leading the post-modern, acoustic roots revivalists The Essentials, we are pleased to welcome Lewis Clark to The Tuppenny. Even without the rhythm section his songs retain their trade mark energy, buoyancy and swagger and as always are built from […]

Live Music Session #2 – Pete Gow

Once again the boys at Songs of Praise have arranged a serious musical treat for you on Thursday 22nd December in the shape of Pete Gow. Best known as the front man and songwriter for Case Hardin, Pete brings his solo set to The Tuppenny. Folk, country and blues all blend together to form a […]