Live Music Session #24 – Moleville + TriAmi

April 12th features a rather cool little show that has come together as something of a surprise. After both originally billed acts pulled out, it was a a rather pleasing set of circumstances that led to this line up pulling together suddenly.

Heading the night is a special show from SoP regular Moleville – Cotswolds based musician and enigma Steve Skinley. Moleville is an intimate, quirky, late night kind of project – rough-hewn yet sensitive, bittersweet pop songs featuring piano, toy synths and a broken guitar.  He is putting the finishing touches to his brand new EP “Dynamite” which will be launched at the show. We were such fans of last year’s debut album from him that we have jumped at the chance to help introduce this new collection.

What we have heard of it so far has been unfinished, but even in this incomplete state, it is still head and shoulders above much of superficial nonsense doing the rounds currently. Once again, these songs are based around rolling piano riffs, with simple beats, effects and sounds layered subtly over the top, with his signature use of toys and battered old instruments, leaving music that charms, haunts and hypnotises. The simplicity of much of the recordings are in perfect contrast to the trademark depth and sombre nature of the lyrics, words that ensure Moleville remains one of the most vital songwriters to the local scene.

In support we are stoked to welcome back Salisbury  trio TriAmi, a band where hushed folktronica meets chilled acoustica, and the harmonies, oh my god the harmonies, well, you’ll just have to come along and see what I mean but bring something to wipe the tears away with.

Music from 8.30, entry free. Full details available HERE.

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