Live Music Session #93 – Buswell & Nyberg + Dakota Simpson

It is an overdue and welcome return to The Thursday Night Music Club for Shaun, in whatever format he turns up in on the night (solo, band, orchestra – it is all possible, anything from 1 to 60 people). This is an artist we rate so highly he headlined our first birthday party (wow, back in 2017…). He also played to night we had Swedes Sun & The Rain Men play, which has gone down in Tuppenny history as one of the best nights of music we have had the pleasure to host.

Shauns music is rooted in folk, takes a hefty borrow from indie-pop and dallies with americana. The songs are lyrical, meaningful and catchy. Don’t miss this.

Support comes from singer/songwriter Dakota Simpson, who began her musical journey back in 2014 after having pushed herself to finally play some of her songs in front of her family.

Obtaining the musical ability to transport you to wherever she wishes, Dakota combines smooth wistful melodies and warm vibrations that take you on an ethereal adventure. A combination of textured arrangements and breathy vocals simply compliment this.

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