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A New Tradition

As part of our webshop offering over Christmas we put together a trio of mixed cases of 12 beers, all beautifully gift wrapped etc. Of these three cases (Mixed Craft Beers, Mixed Craft Pale Ales and Traditional Ales) the Traditional case was significantly the more popular. Which surprised us somewhat, as our customer base in the bar is generally focused on big craft pales. A number of them also didn’t appear to be destined as gifts as we were soon getting repeat purchases and reviews and feedback on how people had been enjoying them, weeks before Christmas. We sold out of the first batch superfast, and the second lot was also gone well before the Christmas break too. So a decision was made to keep this idea rolling and keep listing a selection of more traditional beers from local brewers.

This idea totally suited us. Mainly because we like to support local producers and suppliers where possible, but we also have had a long fermenting plan to add third cask line and dedicate it to our local brewers. A plan now scheduled for once restrictions are lifted, but that annoyingly was well underway early last year and due for launch in April. Bugger…

So, we have got hold of a load more traditional ales from some of the amazing local brewers spread across the three counties that border Swindon (that’s Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire for the geographically confused). We are tryong to focus mainly on traditional styles that make use of traditional varieties of hops and malted barley, to illustrate what is wonderful about British brewing traditons. I am sure some new world hops will be creeping in here and there, but generally to compliment the tradional style. So far we have had some fantastic examples of Best and Session Bitters, Red Ales, Old Ales, English Pale Ales and Golden Ales as well as some fantastic traditional India Pale Ales.

Each is available individually or as part of a mixed case of 12 via the webshop. Perfect for the traditionalist beer drinker. We aren’t keeping the beer selection fixed, just taking what appeals and what is available, but we will always be looking to work with the likes of

West Berkshire Brewery | Ramsbury Brewery | Broadtown Brewery | Two Cocks Brewery | Loose Cannon Brewery | Stonehenge Ales | Box Steam Brewery | Shotover Brewery | Amwell Spring Brewery and more…

If you have a favourite brewery in the local area you think should be present on our shelves, then do get in touch and let us know!

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