Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder..?


We have had this little beauty for a while, so with the party season coming, we ought to shout about it a bit more, as we are very proud to to be able to bring to you fine folk absinthe, in the traditional way.

150 years ago, no hip bohemian hang out was complete without an absinthe fountain. There’s much myth and mysticism surrounding this fine old European spirit. It’s hallucinogenic, it’s addictive, it was once banned and so on and such forth. None of this is true. It’s never been hallucinogenic, or addictive, (that was the Laudanum, a powerful opiate sedative that was commonly drunk alongside absinthe in the late 19th century, that had those properties) it was never banned in the UK, (although it was in its native France). Granted, it’s a strong spirit, but lengthened with iced water and sugar in this most traditional way, it becomes a deeply complex and satisfying drink. Definitely not smashing back in shots. Sip. Savour. Smile.

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