Live Music Session #60 – Stay Lunar + Brightr

The clever thing about Stay Lunar is that whilst they have remained true to all the essential pop ingredients, infectiousness and accessibility, they also play with rock’s groove and drive and even then they still find time to hop generic demarcations and plunder from other genres to build a new sound for the current market of pop-pickers, indie kids and alt-rock aficionados alike. It will be interesting to see how this all translates to an acoustic set!

Ed has been trying to put on a show for Brightr (aka Laurie Cunnigham) for quite some time, but it never seemed to work out. But finally, here we are, bringing you pretty melodic acoustic jams played by a semi-gloomy, but erratically chatty dude. Brightr has played over 500 shows in 16 different countries since beginning in late 2014, from an abandoned train station in North Germany to a prestigious punk festival in Gainesville Florida. Spreading his own brand of gloomy-emo-pop music infused with a stage presence that can only be described as “group therapy”. Enjoy!

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