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Our version of a Burns Kit

One of the advantages of being unable to operate our normal business is we have had to stretch ourselves, adapt, and experiment, ending up becoming an online retail and delivery business. As much as this is not what we wanted to be or do, it has thrown up some fun opportunites and allowed us to try new things and get bit creative (as well as allow us to do some decorating / reorganising and general faffing).

So, recognising that of an evening we are all stuck indoors, staring at the same 4 walls / screen / people we have for the last ten months we have got our thinking caps on again and come up with another way for you to experience something a little different. OK, this is not as ridiculous as the New Year Party, but if you love our friends “North Of The Border” as much as we do, you’ll want to celebrate Burn’s Night with them too, and what better way than with our carefully curated Burn’s Night in for two gift box?

We have put together in one kit all the things you wiil need to toast Scotland’s most famous son. Inside will be everything required to make a hearty Burn’s Supper for two including the traditional haggis (veggie version also available), neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) along with an easy to follow recipe. You’ll only need to provide a couple of store cupboard essentials like a little oil, salt, butter and milk. Also in the box is a fine single malt for the both of you, and a pair of Caledonian cocktails, expertly blended in house and delivered in our signature medicine bottles so all you need to do is chill and pour them. To round things off sweetly will be some traditional highland shortbread, and some authentic Scottish tablet.

Alongside the food and drink will be a copy of Burn’s Address To A Haggis for you to recite as you serve up, however, cod impersonations of Dad’s Army’s Fraser (we’re ahhllll doomed) are generally discouraged. Deliveries will be taking place on Saturday 23rd January, so in plenty of time for the 25th.

Order via the webshop — Slàinte Mhath!!

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