Live Music Session #101 – Jamie R Hawkins + Eddie Cooke

Another last minute gig switcheroo, although not exclusively down to Covid this time. Poor Hatty, the support artist succumbed last gasp, but then the originally booked artist, who had pursued me relentlessly for the gig in mid 2020, had “forgotten” to tell me that he was stopping playing live. This was only discovered at the actual last minute (well, 4 hours before show-time). But, following on from a “gigs off, unless…” post 2 super-subs were found. And what a treat it was too!

Jamie in particular has a rare talent for writing catchy tunes and is more familiar these days as 1/3rd of The Lost Trades, but is an accomplished songwriter and performer in his own right, writing and performing songs that are are emotionally impactive, poignant and witty

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