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Tap Take-Over – Phantom Brewing Co

It has been a while since we had a good old fashioned tap take over, and seeing as they had a really interesting series of beers on offer, we thought it was high-time we got nearly-local outfit Phantom Brewing Co all across the bar! So, on Thursday 9th December we let them loose on our guest taps with 6 great beers!

Phantom are a craft beer brewery based just down the M4 in Reading, Berkshire, who, even in their very short history have been regularly on the bar and in the fridge. Opening up in 2019 just a few months before the world shut-up shop due to Covid-19 they have the main goal of producing the freshest beer, made with the highest quality ingredients, along with working hard to provide a welcoming community hub in their taproom (which is on our “must visit” list!)

So, to the beers then! Through 2021 Phantom have been brewing a series of four beers inspired by the seasons, with very special artwork by the brilliant Hannah Horn (who is also responsible for Staggeringly Good’s Souropod series). As this week marked the release of the final beer in the series (Winter, obviously), they have rebrewed the other three in limited volume so you can drink all four together and transport yourself through the year. These limited availability brews are being poured at a very small and exclusive range of bars, including ours!

In order then, the beers are:

At a more than respectable 8%, Spring is a big sour beer packed with strawberries and fresh lemon zest with a touch of vanilla for that perfect balance between sweet and tart with a full body.

The return of Summer brings a pale ale that is soft and light with subtle notes of citrus and soft fruit – an incredibly easy drinking and refreshing summer brew.

This second brew of Autumn is reportedly even better than the first. Hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic, this IPA pours a lush pale orange and is packed with soft fruit flavours and papaya, leaving you a moreish taste.

The brand new beer is Winter, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that brings all the tastes of smooth chocolate cake, vanilla, dates and black treacle, with the Heaven Hill barrels adding that distinct whiskey aroma and warmth.

They are also sending in a couple more brews for us, too…

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