We’re back baby!

It is the news you have all been waiting for! Details of our opening plans are here…. Read on to find out all the necessary news! Excited is not the word…

Wahoo! Covid is in decline, the roadmap is being stuck to by the Westminster Clown-Squad and we have survived, which means…. WE CAN RE-OPEN!

So, the big announcement is, we will be opening at 8.30am on 17th May. Yes, that’s right, 8.30am! We are going to be trialling earlier opening for all you early-bird coffee and catch-up types and post school-run parents. It also makes us perfect for those of you needing a breakout space from home-working, a short-term desk or a meeting space. Bear in mind though, our alcohol licence doesn’t start until mid-day, although our coffee from UE Coffee Roasters is epic!

We will then be open 7 days a week with the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 8.30am – 11.00pm
  • Friday 8.30am – midnight
  • Saturdaymidday – midnight
  • Sundaymidday – 11.00pm

We will not be operating a bookings system, we prefer a roll-on-up first come, first seated system. We want you to be able to just pop by, relax and have a great time with us. OF course, you will need to use common sense (as a Tuppenny customer, we know you have plenty); checking in still needs to be done, masks will still need to be worn when moving about the space and hand-gel will still need to be used. We will have a limited capacity and will still be operating table service only – sadly the bar stools will not yet be making a return.

That is the opening plans then. But, what else is happening or changing?

First and most importantly, the whole team are making a return, so there will be familiar faces behind the bar to greet you. We are so thankful that they have stuck with us over the last 14 months, despite having to find other ways to earn, and we cannot wait to see their lovely faces again!

Another welcome comeback are those delicious Momos from over the road at Yak The Himalayan Kitchen. Jayanti and her fab team will again be running over their amazing pillows of Nepalese tastiness Monday to Saturday’s from 5.00pm. My word we have missed these too!

We also have plenty of live music booked for Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from July through to the end of the year plus some fantastic DJ’s on Saturday nights. Oh, and the music quiz is still hanging around like a bad smell. There are rumours too of a general pub quiz coming back… Full announcement on the line up coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.

We will be coming back with an absolute stellar line-up of guest draught beers hand-picked from ours and your favourite lists. We will also have a new draught cider and a very special surprise on one of the house lines that will be revealed on opening day. There are new natural wines, a big selection of traditional and local ales and ciders and the can and bottle craft selection is bigger and better than ever: so much so, we may have had to buy another big fridge…

The Webshop will still be running, with daily click & collect available during opening hours and free home delivery on Wednesdays (so get organised for your weekends early). What’s more, the shop prices will be in effect for all take-home sales, so you can take your fridge-cold favourites home after an evening with us and continue the party at your place. This includes our draught options too!

There have been a load of small tweaks to the interior that we cannot wait for you to see (plus a load of big changes in the cellar you won’t get to see, but which make it easier for us to continue to serve the best drinks in town. The vibe will be just as good, but a bit shinier! Oh, and the gents will be back in action. Yes chaps, you will again be able to spend a penny or two in a beer barrel, just these days it’s one at a time!

Finally, we just wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us through the shop, the online events and with your kind words. It is you that have been the fuel that has enabled us to make it to this point and allowed us to reopen. We can’t have done it without you, because we do it for you!

See you back in the bar Monday!

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