Lockdown Two musings from Linda

Here we are again. There have been a few tears from me tonight, partly because of the genuine love in the building all evening and partly because of the heartbreak of closing again.  Hopefully just for 4 weeks, but what follows here is the emotional outburst after an amazingly busy night to say thank you and reflect on how lucky we are. So I will pour my heart out onto paper with a glass of red in hand and hope that Ed can turn these ramblings into a real blog in the morning. He has begged me to do one for months but until the inspiration hits it does not happen for me. Now, it is pouring from the pen – yes, an actual pen, I am not great with technology.

We are just coming up to our 4th Birthday as a business. We had no idea when we embarked on this journey what would happen. What did happen was meeting some of the best people you could ever wish to meet. I cannot put into words how humbled I am to have the honour of building a little bar that has brought so many people together. We opened the doors back in 2016 hoping we could bring a community hub to Old Town. We wanted friends old and new to have a second living room where they could relax and enjoy themselves. The result has been amazing, I have way less fingers and toes than friends (and I mean real friends, not acquaintances) that I have met since we opened. I thank every one of you, I am so grateful that there are too many of you to mention!

The support we received from you throughout the last lockdown was special so we were especially relieved to find out on Tuesday night that we could again be there for you and your beery needs through Lockdown Pt 2. It was touch and go for a few days as again the government once again gave us just broad stroke top line information without any details or clarification. But we are getting used to this way of doing things, even though we should not.

Please read this as the massive thank you that it is intended to be. A thank you to all of you, our wonderful customers, and friends, a thank you to our amazing staff, who once again have futures clouded in doubt but have always been there for us. We are doing what we can to keep them going but if you do see them around town, say hi and buy them a coffee. We should also express our heartfelt thanks to our suppliers, who are often the ones that get forgotten. We cannot do this without them either, even during a lockdown, especially as we are so heavily focused on providing hight quality, unique products. Those guys are often missed out when it comes to support during this time, so send some love their way.

I’ll leave Ed to follow up with the details of all the what comes next stuff, but rest assured we still have your backs, whether it is through click & collect or delivery. It is what it is until Boris says otherwise, sadly. Finally, to reiterate to you all… You are amazing. Massive thanks from all of us at Team Tuppenny.

Yes, she did indeed write this by hand…

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