Don’t Forget – We still have the Tuppenny Shop & DeliverBrew

I just wanted to pen a quick reminder that even though full lockdown is (for the moment) over you can have your slice of the Tuppenny at home still as the shop is very much an ongoing thing, and something we are slowly developing.

Since we re-opened the bar we took the decision to treat the shop as a bit of a seperate entity instead of an extension of the bar. This means that we have dropped the prices in line with a pure retail offer to reflect the differences between the two sides of the business. This is the main, but not sole change with the shop. We still deliver, but only on a Friday now, in time for the weekend. You can also now do a click and collect type service – order your drinks online anytime, then collect from the bar during opening hours, any day! However, we have had to stop doing the pours of the guest beers as they just change too frequently to keep the shop updated. If you do want one of these you can still buy as a takeway in the bar. We do still do the 9 pint mini-kegs of our house beers and cider though and you can add a Tuppenny T Shirt or Tote Bag to your order too!

Demand has understandably dropped since re-opening, but please do think of us when you next want beers for home – we still have our BBQ friendly fridge packs of Renegade Lager and Detour Pale Ale. You will be supporting both a great local bar / shop and small independent brewers. Thats got to feel good, surely?

So, same great shop and service, but much better pricing! Winner winner beer for dinner!

Go find the shop at and fill your boots!

P.S. don’t tell the others I told you this, but if you are in the bar and want a take home, it is cheaper to do it as a click and collect (so you can order more, can’t you….!)



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