Live Music Session #66 – Flour Babies + Illustrations

Flour Babies + Illustrations Dec 19 Tupp

For our Christmas Thursday Night Music Club edition this year we have gone big. Very big. Yes, we have secured a very special, stripped back, acoustic show from two of the best and most exciting and progressive bands in town – Flour Babies and Illustrations.

Some bands are easy to pigeon-hole but if we said that Flour Babies make music that is an intricate weave of mercurial art-indie-prog-alternative-avant garde, that is only half the story. If you are a fan of post-punk sonic explorers such as Talking Heads or the strange proggy-jazz stance taken by King Crimson then you will find a lot to like here. It’s great when bands are both creative and confusing, right?

Illustrations have been described as “The Beach Boys on acid” due to thier blend of dreamy, 60s infused psych-pop with a more modern indie vibe via such cult classics as Neutral Milk Hotel. The music is jaunty, jangling, occasionally jarring but always joyous but above all it’s …err…great. (Can’t think of another j word.)

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