Third Birthday Takeover from Moor

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So – we have got through the terrible twos and made it to the ripe old age of three! To help us celebrate we have hooked up with the good folks at the brilliant Moor Beer Company, who will be hanging out with usl, and are bringing 7 of their finest current brews and helping us concoct some beer cocktails and boilermakers for you with them!

The Beers – Brewers Notes

Time & Space – 6.0% Universal IPA (keg) This is a beer that has come from one of our brewers, Jude. We love Cashmere as a Hop and Jude’s recipe showcases it to its fullest – super juicy with a subtle but clean bitterness. This is a one off that will not be coming around again.

Raw – 4.2% Untraditional Best Bitter (keg) RAW was originally commissioned to be the house beers for Real Ale Weston and the Royal Artillery Arms, both now sadly closed. The landlord and drinkers were already huge fans of our Merlin’s Magic but wanted something a bit hoppier. They were also intrigued with our unfined natural approach to beer. So we trialled three different unfined, dry-hopped versions of Merlin’s Magic. Layering the herbal dry-hopped characteristics over the rich malt base and padding it out with body and flavour enhancing yeast really transformed the already sessionable beer into something even more enjoyable. We only make this available to select pubs whose customers appreciate its natural nature and enhanced flavours.

Galaxy of Mosaic – 4.7% Ravennate Pale Ale (keg) Italian styled Pale ale featuring two of the all time classic big hops to deliver a beer that is as you would hope – fruity as hell with citrus and peach flavours from the Galaxy and oodles of blueberry from the Mosaic, with maybe a hint of pineapple and mango tropicality.

PMA – 5.3% American Pale Ale (keg) A Pale Modern Ale for those with a Positive Mental Attitude. Brewed in support of Hardcore Hits Cancer. The colour of Mango flesh, this intensely flavoured Pale Ale has a Citrus, Summer berry and floral aroma with Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple and blueberry mingling in the mouth.

Lager – 4.0% Traditional Pilsner style (keg) Brewed originally as a one off for the inaugural We Are Lager Festival in Manchester, we rapidly fell in love with the slightly hop forward crushable 4% lager. With the summer around the corner we couldn’t not re-brew it again and again! A very traditional lager brewed in homage to Franconia.

Stout – 5.0% Classic Stout Porter (keg) Craft beer can get a bit silly and miss the point. Usually what we want is something purely enjoyable to drink, not a curiosity beverage to tick off. We were asked by our Italian friends if we would ever consider such a simple request. This is that beer. No unicorn hair, solar dust or celebrity nail clippings. Pontificate if you must, but please just drink and enjoy. Salute!

Envy – 4.2% Fresh whole leaf hopped pale (cask) Envy is our green / wet hopped beer. The idea was to showcase the impact of wet hops versus dried ones so we made the base beer a very simple 4.2%. We went to a hop farm in Hereford and collected a very large quantity (8x our usual amount – not an efficient use of such a precious commodity!) of just-picked First Gold hops. They were in the kettle less than 24 hours after picking, or should I say in the mash tun as the quantity was so large that we didn’t think our kettle would cope. We turned our mash tun into a massive hop back, allowing the hot wort to marry with the wet hop cones. The beer was very fresh and vibrant. The hop profile was a bit different, with some not surprising vegetal notes, but in a good way. Fresh hopped beer is best drunk, well, fresh (and of course naturally unfined).

Beery Cocktails

Strong Alliance – A radical reworking of the legendary Tuppenny Espresso Martini – Peaky Blinders black spiced rum shaken with a shot of espresso, coffee liqueur and the special ingredient, some Dark Alliance Reduction – Moor’s Dark Alliance hoppy-coffee-Stout, reduced 50% down to bring out and amplify the beers flavours.

The Great-Grandfather – Take a measure of Amaretto, 1 of Buffalo Trace bourbon and a dash of Angostura bitters, whack in a shot of Moor Stout, stir and serve over ice with an orange garnish. Unbelievable.

Hi-Tea Sling – A zingy blend of Berry Brothers & Rudd London Dry Gin, lemon juice, apple juice and a couple of dashes of orange bitters, along with another special ingredient, Moor Beer Company’s Do It Together Mango Tea Pale Ale syrup – a reduction of the mango tea pale ale with added sugar to emphasize flavour notes.

Universal Sling – Brugal White Rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup and fresh raspberries shaken then served over ice and topped with Moor Beer Co’s Time & Space Universal IPA and garnished with lemon and raspberry

The Tuppenny’s Moor Margarita – A twist on a classic – lime juice, sugar syrup and our premium Espolon Tequila topped up with Moor Beer Company Lager. Yes, you read that right.


Ordering one of the fantastic Moor beers? (see above for details). Why not make it a Boilermaker? A Boilermaker is a classic and very simple old beer cocktail – a measure of Whiskey followed by your beer of choice (or you can double down and mix the two). We recommend the following combinations:

Time and Space Universal IPA with Johnnie Walker Black Llassic and very simple old beer cocktail – a measure of Whiskey followed by your beer of choice (or you can double down and mix the two). We recommend the following combinations:abel Scotch Whisky

Raw Untraditional Best Bitter with Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Galaxy of Mosaic Ravennate Pale Ale with Auchentoshen American Oak Single Malt Scotch

PMA American Pale with Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Stout Classic Black Beer with Southern Comfort Whiskey Liquer

Lager Franconian-style Lager with Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

Envy fresh-hopped cask beer with Paddy’s Irish Whiskey

Free entry, all are welcome (if over 18) – the rest of the usual Tuppenny drink selection will be available so don’t worry if beer isn’t your tipple, Usual party rules apply – be cool, have fun and stay safe. Music vibes will be courtesy of one Avocado Brother..

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