Live Music Session #58 – Will&Weasel + Nash

Will & Weasel Oct 19 Tupp WEB

After an incredible debut last time out for us, and an even better set at The Shuffle down at the Beehive, we just had to bring these guys back as soon as we could.

There is something of the jazz approach at the core of Will and Weasel’s sound – interesting timings and intricate riffs hung on fluid, free-flowing musical structures – but there richly textured and layer music contains much more besides. Indie melodics, rock weight and progressive meanderings all add poise and power. They could be your best new find of the year…unless you have seen them already, in which case you have already made a note in the diary to be there…

Support from local singer / songwriter NASH, Better known for playing drums and percussion with Richard Wileman & Amy Fry, guitar and vocals with At-it and The Three of Us, NASH has embarked on his own songwriting and performing adventure. Recent radio interviews described NASH’s music as ‘Rennaisance man’ and ‘musical ear-worms’ with ‘catchy choruses’.

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