The Tuppenny Beer School

We think it is time we all went back to school. But don’t worry, we are not suggesting we all head back to whichever depressing seat of learning we somehow survived, no, how does a Beer School sound?

That’s right, come and learn about the wonderful world of beer and brewing from one of the country’s leading Beer Sommelier’s (yes, that is a thing), Ruth Mitchell. Explore the myriad styles and flavours of the worlds greatest beverage in a guided tour around the beeriodic table.

This will be the first in a series of Beer Schools throughout the year as we seek to broaden our flavour horizons and learn all about what makes a great beer and the huge amount of styles out there.

Our inaugural lesson takes place on Thursday 9th February and will cover the basics of brewing and how each ingredient can affect the finished brew.

Advance tickets available online at or from The Tuppenny at £5 per person, to include samples.


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