#tryanuary -YOUR BEER NEEDS YOU!

We are joining the #tryanuary movement!

Join us and make it your mission to try new beers at The Tuppenny and share your discoveries with people throughout January.

Even though the UK is still enjoying a boom in all things beer, hard-working independent beer-based businesses still need your vital support! By celebrating, sharing and enjoying what’s out there, you can help. We all know that supporting local businesses benefits everyone in the long run.

Then share your discoveries and find other people’s via the #tryanuary hashtag!

This isn’t about drinking more – It’s about trying something different.
Tasting something new, Experiencing something interesting.

So, how are we planning to do all this? Well, we have come up with a great rewards scheme for you all. If you try all of the beers we have on the bar and in the fridges, not only will we reward your efforts with a beer on the house and a nice glass, you will be in with a chance to win a brewery tour for 2 to West Berkshire Brewery, just down the road.

Come in and see us, grab a collectors sheet to get the beers signed off on and challenge your taste buds!


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