Teas & Coffees


Our coffee is a blend of Arabica beans from around the world with a well rounded malty sweetness and notes of toasted almonds completed by a bright, fruity acidity.


The espresso (aka “short black”) is the foundation to all our coffees. A single, short shot of our Arabica blend, ground perfectly, pressed and extracted. No fuss.


Take an espresso shot, top up with hot water, sit back and savour.


Steamed milk with a little microfoam added at the end to the espresso shot. The steamed milk adds a little sweetness to the drink.


A drink of three equal parts: a third espresso, a third milk, a third stiff froth. A classic Italian beverage with a smooth, silky texture.

Flat White

A velvety drink made by pouring an equal mix of heated milk and microfoam over the espresso.


Earl Grey

A select blend of black teas with bergamot oil to give that distinctive citrus taste.

English Breakfast

A fine blend of teas selected for their strong and refreshing flavour.


An infusion of dried Camomile flowers, delicious and with a raft of health benefits.


Refreshing and caffeine free infusion of peppermint leaves.

Green Tea

Made from leaves that have not undergone the withering and oxidation process used to make oolong and black tea.

And for you more straightforward types we also have good old  Tetley!