Our Current Gin’s

When considered at its most basic, Gin is just a spirit that’s flavoured with juniper. But behind that simple facade lies one of the world’s most complex and best-loved spirits, with a history that spans hundreds of years and reaches back to the dawn of distillation.

No self respecting bar would be seen with a substandard, obvious, mainstream gin selection. Gin rules the spirit world currently. So, we would be a tad foolish to cut corners with our selection, wouldnt we? So we have hand-picked an incredible line-up of over 20 class spirits. Enjoy…

Berry Bros. & Rudd London Dry Gin – Our wonderful house gin. In the 1950’s there used to be a gin called “Berry’s Best” but this went out of production and you haven’t been able to buy it since 2014. Fortunately from a sample taken from the one remaining bottle Thames Distillery has been able to reproduce this gin. Among its botanicals is winter savory which is thought to give this smooth, slightly sweet and floral gin its unique taste. Tuppenny Tip: Keep it simple, keep it classic. A bone dry tonic and slice of lime. 

Malfy Gin Con Rosa – With Italian juniper, Scicilian pink grapefruit, Italian rhubarb and 5 other botanicals this bright and delicious gin is like no other. The taste is juicy fresh grapefruit with a rich, long juniper finish. Tuppenny Tip: Pour with a classic tonic and garnish with grapefruit or rosemary

Fishers Gin – Combining rare old English herbs and coastal botanicals with distilled barley, all sourced entirely from East Anglian farmers, this gin is the taste of the East Anglian coastline. Tuppenny Tip: Serve with Indian tonic or ginger ale and your choice of ginger, grapefruit, lemon or rosemary as garnish.

The Botanist – An exciting and unusual gin from Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich containing 31 botanicals, 22 of which are native to Islay. These include the likes of mugwort, meadowsweet and Lady’s Bedstraw Flowers. Tuppenny Tip: A simple tonic paired with a garnish like coriander, mint or lemon is perfect. 

Ginetic Dry Gin – Ginetic Gin from France is double-distilled in Charentais stills and then gently heated in a bain-marie. The vapours soak up lovely flavours of; Juniper, Jamaican Pepper, Lemon Peel, Spanish Coriander, Angelica and Cinchona Bark. Tuppenny Tip: The complex flavours should be appreciated on their own, so a simple serve over ice is the way forward.

Orkney Gin Company Mikkelmas Gin – Inspired by the rugged landscape of Orkney this gin features handpicked local botanicals and 7 times filtered grain spirit. It gets its name from the Mikkel Feast which marks the end of the harvest and the end of the summer on Orkney. A warming, smooth and flavourful gin with bold autumnal and wintery spices is the result. Tuppenny Tip: Try this with ginger ale or with a tonic garnished with ginger or orange peel.

Black Tomato Gin – Made from black tomatoes as well as a few drops of seawater this gin is a great balance between sweet and savoury flavours. Herbaceous at first before delicate vegetal sweetness build with a saltiness on the palate. Tuppenny Tip: Serve this plain and simple neat or add a slice of cucumber or stick of celery.

Silverback Raspberry Gin – A limited edition raspberry expression from the folks over at Gorilla Spirits Co., made with the Silverback Mountain Strength Gin infused with juicy Scottish raspberries. A fruity gin, marrying herbaceous and sweeter notes seamlessly giving a hint of spice and orange peel balanced by sweet, juicy berries, as juniper develops alongside both tart and jammy notes. Tuppenny Tip: Keep the tonic plain and garnish with mint or lime

Lickerish Tooth Ginger Ninja Gingery Gin – At first first taste the juniper, angelica and liquorice flavours will hit you, followed by some of the secret botanicals, and finally, the warming taste of the ginger, which gives it a long, warm finish. Tuppenny Tip: Call us obvious but a ginger ale is the way to go….

Steampunk Extremely Rare Dry Gin – Made with 8 botanicals including three types of citrus peel, this bright and versatile gin is based on an old 1892 recipe. Tuppenny Tip: Tonic, ice and smashed basil leaves.

Magellan Blue Gin – There are eleven botanicals in this blue beauty, including juniper, Iris flower, Iris root, cloves, cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, coriander, liquorice, grains of paradise, cardamom and nutmeg. The blue colour comes from the infusion of natural Iris root and flower after the distillation process. Tuppenny Tip: Perfect with a good old fashioned lemon slice. Or for the more adventurous try basil leaves.

Riverside Raspberry Gin Liquer – A small batch liqueur made by Cheshire’s Riverside Spirits. Gin and raspberries with a touch of sweetness. Tuppenny Tip: The perfect addition to a glass of sparkling wine or great just sipped over ice.

Trevethan Chauffeurs Reserve – A Navy-Strength variation on the Trevethan Cornish Gin recipe. The same selection of 10 botanicals from the original expression are used (juniper, angelica, coriander, cassia, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel, vanilla, elderflower and gorse flower), but the addition ABV helps to gives those botanicals a bit more ‘oomph’. Tuppenny Tip: In an ideal world, a nice light tonic and a twist of grapefruit would be perfect bedfellows for this wonderful gin.

Rose D’Argent Strawberry Gin – A delicious blend of 9 ingredients: Juniper berries, Coriander Seeds, ginger, lemon and orange zest, lavender, angelica root, fennel seeds and star anise with an addition of natural strawberry flavour. Tuppenny Tip: A sprig of mint and tonic are perfect buddies to this.

Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin – Made using Welsh water from the mountains around Aber Falls with a burst of fresh citrus flavour, finely balanced with notes of juniper, liquorice, angelica and coriander seeds. Tuppenny Tip: Perfect with tonic, a lime wedge and lemon peel

JJ Whitley Elderflower Dry Gin – This gin revolves around the classic fragrance of the elderflower, along with a selection of rural British flavours and a helping of cinnamon, too. Tuppenny Tip: In an ideal world, a splash of basil tonic and a piece of lemon.

Langleys Old Tom Gin – A quintessentially English Gin made in small batches. slightly sweeter in flavour, it’s a classic recipe popular in the 18th and 19th centuries redeveloped for the modern era. Strong in flavour, this gin packs a punch. Tuppenny Tip: Go big, go bold: take this one neat, over ice with no garnish. Let the gin do the talking.

Whitley Neil Rhubarb & Ginger Gin – A hand crafted gin of exceptional quality inspired by the glory of the English country garden. The essence of Rhubarb adds a tart, crisp edge whilst the real ginger extract warms the palette. Tuppenny Tip: Serve with a great Mediterranean or Indian tonic alongside either sliced ginger or a sprig of rosemary.

Edgerton Original Pink Gin – Martin Edgerton Gill, who pioneered herbal teas in the 80’s, has used his considerable knowledge of herbs and spices to create a totally new and contemporary pink gin. Quite apart from the enticing rosiness it is a delightful and complex gin blended with no less than fifteen exotic ingredients including pomegranate. Tuppenny Tip: a nice fresh strawberry paired with an Indian tonic water are the perfect pair to match with this pink lovely.

Boe Violet Gin – A vibrant variation on the Boe Superior Gin recipe. The additional infusion of violets creates a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma. Goes well in a classic G&T or adds a twist to your favourite gin cocktail. Tuppeny Tip: Compliment the colour as much as the flavour with a garnish of blueberry or blackberry with tonic.

Jawbox Belfast Cut Dry Gin – On the nose, Jawbox is an impressive experience of bold juniper and pine, balanced with a gentle touch of sweet coriander and clean citrus. More complex on the palate, citrus and juniper develop into peppery, earthy Angelica root, finishing with citrus and lingering juniper and pine. Tuppenny Tip: Serve with Ginger Ale (invented in Belfast) and garnish with a squeeze and a wedge of zesty lime.

Gin Mare – Distilled with olives, thyme, rosemary and basil. Made in a custom still by blending individual distillations of arbequina olives, thyme, rosemary, basil, cardamom, coriander, ginger berries and citrus fruits. Soaked in advance for more than a year in special large clay jars. Tuppenny Tip: Indian or Mediterranean tonic then any one of a number of garnishes – basil, rosemary, thyme and olive all work a treat or go left field with a slice of mango.


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