Cocktail List


The undisputed king of mixed drinks.  The perfect marriage of gin and dry vermouth. Always served dry, but not bone dry. If you’d prefer vodka over the gin you’ve got it. Want it wetter?  Want it dryer? Want it dirty? (a splash of olive brine thrown into the mix!) Olive or twist?  We’ll accommodate!

Espresso Martini.

The original boozy pick-me-up. Although not strictly a classic, this modern classic has become a firm favourite. Espresso coffee, shaken with vodka and coffee liqueur is a far more sophisticated drink than a vodka Redbull!

Latte Martini.

Adding a shot of single cream to the above makes a rich, velvety smooth, creamy little number that is dangerously easy to drink!

Or try some wonderful globetrotting variants to the above two drinks. You could make them Irish by switching the vodka for Irish whisky, go French by swapping in Cointreau or try a bit of Italian by using Disaronno, Or how about making it Jamaican by switching for brugal dark rum?


If you like your martini shaken but not stirred then this is the one to order. Both gin and vodka are married together with dry vermouth to create this literary classic (it was invented by Ian Fleming as the drink of choice for the hero of his new novel, Casino Royale.)


What the Martini is to gin, the Manhattan is to bourbon. The beautiful harmony of American whisky and sweet vermouth. Just a dash of bitters and a few drops of maraschino syrup round off this untouchable classic.

Old Fashioned.

As the name suggests, this is a very venerable drink indeed.  The only other mixed drink which gives name to the glass it’s made in. Canadian Club, gently stirred with ice, sugar and angostura. Its sounds simple, but it’s actually very very clever.


If you’re a newbie to the world of classic cocktails, start with a sour. The perfect balance of sweet, sharp, and velvety smooth in the mouth. The whisky sour is the famous one, but they work fabulously well with gin, brandy, rum, vodka and tequila. Our recommendation? Gin or whisky! (contains egg)


The original creamy cocktail. Like its more robust cousin the sour, a Flip can be made with a number of base spirits, but the dark ones would be our suggestion. Rum, brandy or bourbon shaken with cream and a whole egg. Think an ice cold, very light custard for grown ups! (contains egg)


This one falls in and out of fashion, but never ever goes away. With the current gin boom this lime infused gin beauty is firmly back on the menu. If you love gin, and the sharp sweetness of lime, look here.


Another classic straight up gin cocktail. Almost certainly the precursor to the Martini before tastes favoured dryer flavours. This sweet little beauty is perfect if the more robust martini isn’t for you. Gin, Cointreau, and sweet vermouth come together perfectly.


Take an Old Fashioned and jazz it up with Creole bitters and a hint of French quarter absinthe. It’s the Peychaud’s bitters that make this New Orleans cocktail sing like Nina Simone. Stirred with ice but never served with it.


Simple but perfect formed. Equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari are blended together to create this classic. More Italian than Michaelangelo eating a pizza, in a gondola…