Our latest drink selection

We have a wide range of craft beers and ciders, wine spirits, cocktails and hot and soft drinks.

Craft Beer & Cider

We carry an amazing, ever changing range of craft beer and cider sourced both from our own region and from across the world. Our house beers are from the crack team at West Berkshire Brewery, located just up the road from Swindon, these guys brew some of the most exciting award winning beers around.

Always available on keg from their Renegade range is  Craft Lager and West Coast Pale Ale, and they supply us with their multi-award winning cask beer “Good Old Boy” as well. We work closely with these guys and will also be running their pilot brews and any other exciting, cutting edge beers when the opportunity arises.


The undiscovered treasure can be found on our guest lines, where you will see a hand picked, always rotating selection of awesome beers from the best and most exciting breweries in the world. The likes of Northern Monk, Magic Rock, Deya Brewing, Verdant, Cloudwater, Siren Craft Brew and a whole host of other top rated (for good reason) brewers. There is no mainstream nonsense at The Tuppenny!

Please see the on the bar menu for the current selection.


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We also carry an unrivalled range of beer and cider in our fridges in both cans and bottles. Again, this ever changing selection boasts some of the most highly regarded brews in the world. Check out what we currently have available in our in the fridges menu. If you are ever unsure about a beer or don’t know what to drink, ask our friendly staff, they will be happy to talk you through the selection and even let you try a sample.


Now, cocktails have taken a bit of a reputation battering in the last 20 years – all those sickly sweet fishbowls getting downed on a Saturday night in some seaside dive. Well we are claiming back their crown as the slick, suave and sophisticated drinks that they are. Think more Mad Men than TOWIE. There are no Slippery Nipple’s to be seen on our menu’s, just a classic selection including “proper” Martini’s, Old Fashioned’s and Manhattan’s. Oh, and of course the Bond classic Martini – The Vesper. Check out the selection on our cocktail menu.


We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now! – Withnail (Withnail & I)

Well Mr Withnail, you are in the right place for a change. We have a great selection of wines available, in all three colours (plus fizzy ones) and from all over the world. We highly recommend the Pablo Y Walter Malbec and the Cloud Factory Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in particular.

Check out the wine list here.

Gin Selection

When considered at its most basic, Gin is just a spirit that’s flavoured with juniper. But behind that simple facade lies one of the world’s most complex and best-loved spirits, with a history that spans hundreds of years and reaches back to the dawn of distillation.

But, as with most of these things, it is a drink that has fallen foul of big business and mass production techniques and consequently the market is flooded with a lot of very average spirit. So we have carefully selected a range of gin that tend to be handcrafted, small batch products.

Check out our full Gin selection here.

Softs & Hots

We are not exclusively about drinks with an ABV at The Tuppenny. We also have a range of soft drinks available from ethical producers including some old-school classics like Cream Soda and Dandelion & Burdock along side the the usual suspects (but not the usual brands!)

We also have a range of coffee and teas available throughout the day. Check out the selection on our hot drinks menu here.