We have no illusions about it, we are not gastro and only have a cute little min-kitchen. But, we are as passionate about food as we are about drinks (well, nearly) so we have a neat little range of cold snacks that are as well sourced and lovingly prepared as the drinks.


The Tuppenny’s big butties are awesome! Choose from white or malted bread, then add a filling and dress it up. You can expect fillings like mature cheddar, emmental or goats cheese, pastrami, mozarella or roast ham. Dressings incude grilled peppers, pesto. tomato and chilli chutney, red onion chutney or balsamic glaze as well as mayonnaise etc. Served with vegetable crisps.


Tuppenny Beer Boards 

Introducing… BEER BOARDS!!! They’re not just for beer you know. These delightful little slates come loaded up with all the little things you love – Cornichons, olives, mature cheddar cheese, freshly baked fig and walnut bread and a few slices of salami. Don’t worry veggies, we’ve got a nice creamy blue for you in place of the porky stuff! Perfect for picking, sharing or guzzling after work with a glass of our delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.